Body cleansing 
Hawaiian Pareo Exercise 

Move your body and cleanse your mind!

Both individual and corporate trainings are available.


   Mental cleanse with the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise   

Cleanse your mind as you cleanse your body with the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise.

Our Body cleansing program, the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise, has been designed to give appreciation to our body and self-cleanse as we go through gentle movements.

It incorporates the wisdom of traditional Oriental medicine, and the Hawaiian music completes the body cleansing process. You will have unlimited access to the music after you complete our program. 


Some workouts can harm your body

Exercise can help you stay healthy and active, but intensive workouts and using incorrect form can hurt your body and defeats the purpose of exercise. 

The Hawaiian Pareo Exercise is created for anyone at any fitness level. You'll learn how to cleanse your mind and body through fun and strain-free movements.

   Our past activities   

Give yourself
love, kindness, and the compassion
your body deserves

We were invited to the Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar hosted by the Young Japanese Breast Cancer Network (BC Network*) and shared the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise with seminar participants.

*BC Network is a non-profit organization sharing the latest information and knowledge on breast cancer with Japanese women in the U.S. and Japan. 

  • The body feels lighter and refreshed

  • Feel the immediate results

  • Improves circulation of blood, lymph and ki energy of the body

  • Adjusts body alignment

  • Better understand your own body and heal with gentle moves 

  • Self-detox anywhere anytime 

(Right: People enjoying the body cleansing at one of the classes held at TOTO Studio in San Francisco)

Cleansing Benefits of the Hawaiian Pareo Exercise:


"What a fun and relaxing way to detox our body! During the last exercise tears came to my eyes, I felt happier and felt my mind cleansed. Thank you!"

"I rarely sit at work and my legs are constantly tired. The exercise helped my legs feel much lighter. Thank you!"

   Program Overview   

Body Cleansing

3 hours, 2 sessions

$300 / person

This is the first 2 sessions of "Foundation Body Cleansing Course."

Enjoy learning the set of cleansing exercises that will help you: 

  • Improve the blood, lymph and ki energy flow of your body

  • Self-adjust your body alignment with simple movements

  • Cleanse your mind quickly

Body Cleansing

9 hrs, 6 sessions

$1,000 / person

Enjoy learning how to:

  • Perform full body cleansing with gentle movements

  • Self-check your body with simple method and perform self-cleansing therapies

  • Improve the blood, lymph and ki energy flow of your body

Quick Body Cleansing Instructor Training

3 hours, 2 sessions

Certification Training

This course is specially designed for training "certified quick body cleansing instructor." You'll learn:​

  • How to teach the body cleansing method to others with the detailed manual & trainings​
  • Need to pass an exam

  Easy Steps for Corporate Training  

Sit back and relax while we help your team gain self-strengthening skills.
We are here to serve you, wholeheartedly.


1. Schedule a call

Let us know what you're looking for, and based on your budget and your needs, we can discuss and finalize a plan for your team.


2. Training Sessions

Once we agree on schedules, our certified trainer will have live, virtual group trainings for your team.


3. Self-cleanse anytime

Once your team completes our training, they'll be equipped to self-cleanse their minds and bodies anytime, anywhere.