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Our special self-cleansing tools can help you find inner peace.

Let's self-cleanse excess stress and pursue inner fulfillment!

Both corporate & individual programs are available.

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No time for self-care?

When we have a lot going on in our life and we have a lot to think about, our mind can get easily overwhelmed. You know the importance of self-care, but when you're busy, it may end up on the end of your to-do list. 


Maintaining mental wellbeing can be easy and fun, and we have the tools you need.

We offer virtual live sessions where you can learn, practice, and gain unique practical tools to help cleanse excess stress and clear your mind, so you can use them anytime you feel overwhelmed.

We make restoring inner-peace and positivity easy for you

Come virtually and experience them yourself!

More Testimonials from Corporate Trainings

"I felt energized and much lighter even after the very first session. I was able to work with positive mindset afterward."

"It helped me learn how to cleanse my mind whenever I want!"

"I like how I can travel in time and revisit my favorite memories, and go pretty much anywhere I want during mental cleansing."

"I learned how to prepare mentally and respond to the unexpected situations."

"Now I can respond calmly even in upsetting situations."

"I realized I’m the main character of my life through practice."

"I came to the realization that sometimes the best gain is to lose."

"I became aware that my feelings and reactions affect how others respond."

"I can focus on my work much easier with the mental cleansing music. It helps me clear my mind."

"Mental cleansing helped me prepare for future stress in real life."

"Now I can see myself positively and think of how I can grow as a person."

"I realized my false beliefs are causing me pain."

"Thanks to all the practices, now I know how to use music and cleanse my mind on my own even outside the class."

"The music helps cleanse my mind through visualization exercise."

"I was able to clarify what I can contribute at work. I felt the importance of teamwork."

"I like how there was no homework.  Thank you!"



  Feedback from participants who took the "Foundation mental cleansing course"  


"I enjoyed learning new things and experiencing the relaxation and images from the music exercises."

"Excellent class. Passed very quickly. Enjoyed it very much! Thank you!"


"I enjoyed all the cleansing. Stress release was amazing for me."

Breakthrough Experiences

"The classes have been really helpful in opening up my mind to get past some blocks in my way to success!"

"I have taken many other coaching classes and therapies to solve my problems, but this course is very rare. This course teaches me what exactly I was looking for to fill in the gaps I needed to be successful. I highly recommend!"

"It has been very stressful to live with the invisible threat, and I never thought it would affect our lives this much. This may change our life significantly. Without any doubt, we need to adapt to new lifestyle.


Thanks to the various things I discovered in your course, I can now take this as a positive change, and I even talk with my wife how we could continue to build a happy life. I realized how maintenance of the mind is more important than maintenance of the body. I will cherish this learning. Thank you!"


Bring peace of mind to you and your team!

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Quick results,
Long-term solution

The special sound technology we use helps participants relax. The relaxation skills we share can last a lifetime and create a long-term solution for you and your team's mental wellbeing.


Mental cleanse, anytime

Our program will equip you with the mental-cleansing tools and skills to use anytime, anywhere.


No need to break stigma

A personalized, self-care approach empowers you to self-cleanse your inner struggles without disclosing problems to others. It lets each person self-cleanse themselves.

Maintain overall mental wellbeing

With our unique sound technology and mental cleansing tool

During the live, virtual training session(s), you and your team will learn how to use the mental cleansing tools to quickly self-cleanse and maintain your mental wellbeing.  It is like self-guided meditation, but much more effective.

Mental cleansing is made possible with the use of special sound and mental cleansing tools, allowing you to improve your overall mental wellbeing.

The mental cleansing tools help your mind take care of your overall mental needs

Business Meeting

   Program Overview   

Minimum 3 people per training

Mental Cleansing

3 hours, 2 sessions

$300 / person

This is the first session of "Foundation mental cleansing course."

Learn how to use mental cleansing tools to quickly achieve relaxation.

Mental Cleansing

9 hrs, 6 sessions

$1,000 / person

Our most popular course. With the mental cleansing tools, you'll learn how to quickly:

  • achieve relaxation

  • clarify what's needed / unneeded in your mind

  • self-cleanse unnecessary stress

  • self-strengthen unexplored mental ability to pursue your goal

  • (optional) Become an in-house certified instructor to teach "Quick Mental Cleansing Course"

Mental Cleansing Instructor Training

Certification Program

This course is specially designed for training "in-house certified mental cleansing instructor" for your company. You'll learn:

  • "Foundation Mental Cleansing Course" in depth

  • How to teach the mental cleansing method to others with the detailed manual & trainings
  • Master the mental cleansing technique

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Easy Steps for Corporate Training

Sit back and relax while we help your team gain self-strengthening mind skills.
We are here to serve you, wholeheartedly.


1. Schedule a call

Let us know what you're looking for, and based on your budget and your needs, we can discuss and finalize a plan for your team.


2. Training Sessions

Once we agree on schedules, our certified trainer will have live, virtual group trainings for your team.


3. Self-cleanse anytime

Once your team completes our training, they'll be equipped to self-cleanse their minds anytime, anywhere.

We all deserve to be happy!

At Open-Alpha, we know how challenging it may seem to find solutions for stress and anxiety. You work hard, your team works hard, but working hard can be counterproductive if your mind or body gets sick.

Maintaining mental wellbeing should not be difficult and is attainable with our unique cleansing methodology.

Unnecessary stress is the last thing we want to see in you, especially if it can be relieved immediately.

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You'll discover how easy and quick it is to relax, clarify and regain control of your mind.

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